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Fox Hollow Preserve

23 acres
This woodland preserve was deeded to the Land Trust in 1993. The property has one trail that leads the hiker through some hilly terrain, over some brooks and wetlands.
Address: 200 Sleepy Hill Road
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Ivers Nature Preserve

74.8 acres
This property is contiguous with Paradise Hill and features hiking trails developed by Gerry Ivers [ for whom it is named ], a founder of the Southbury Land Trust, who is well known for his trail-blazing skills. 67 acres of this woodland preserver were deeded to the land trust in 1994 by the Connecticut Legislature. The property has some steep slopes, a vernal pool and wetlands.
Address: 600 West Purchase Road
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Harry & Dorothy Bassett Preserve

112.8 acres
Hikers and nature lovers are invited to enjoy the mostly level wooded trails on this, our largest property. With several marked trails you will pass by wildflowers, occasional streams, and even the ruins of a commercial laundry which operated in the mid 1800s. The land, often call Paradise Hill, was donated by the Bassetts in the 1980s. Links to Ivers Nature Preserve trail.
Address: 350 Turrill Brook Drive
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Koons Nature Preserve

39.9 acres
In 1998 the SLT was the recipient of a 40-acre piece of natural beauty from the Connecticut Legislature. This preserve features a scenic gorge with a series of waterfalls over which the Spruce Brook flows. South Britian's Harriet and Walter Koons (a veteran treasurer of the Southbury Land Trust) had long admired the property's rare plant species and ultimately directed its acquisition by the SLT. Dedicated in the fall of 1999, the preserve invites lovers of scenic beauty to hike its trails.
Address: 195 Spruce Brook Road
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Phillips/Lovdal Farm Preserve

155 acres
Phillips Farm, acquired by SLT in 2002, is 105 acres of panoramic ridgeline views, pastoral meadows, uncommon old growth forest, an old apple orchard, delicate marshland and wetland areas. Located on unpaved Sanford Road, where the popular author Gladys Taber lived and wrote about the pleasures of country living, Phillips Farm is a scenic emblem of Southbury’s rural past. Lovdal Farm, acquired in 2005, hosts a variety of wildlife, birds, agricultural fields, plants and trees on the 50-acre property.
Address: 400 Sanford Road / 530 Hulls Hill Road
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Platt Farm Preserve

109.8 acres
This spectacular parcel, located on the Scenic Designated Flood Bridge Road, was purchased from Willis and Lillian Platt in 2000. This historic farm offers scenic vistas, vast meadows, a traprock ridge, and 2,000 feet of frontage along the Pomperaug River. Its variety of habitats are ideal for hiking, nature study, fishing, birding and picnicking.
Address: 465 Flood Bridge Road
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