Scholarship Fund

Gerry Ivers was widely known as a hike leader and trail blazer and spent much of his 33 years in Southbury advocating for preservation of the environment. He served many years as a Trustee on the board of the Southbury Land Trust and with his keen sense of direction, expertly laid out and marked the first of its hiking trail’s. The Ivers Nature Preserve was named after Gerry because he walked that property for two years, flagging routes which maximize enjoyment of the landscape without disturbance to fragile flora and fauna, ultimately establishing today’s well-worn trails.

After Gerry’s death in 2005, at the age of 95, The Gerald A. Ivers Scholarship Fund was suggested by and created with a contribution by Justine Sedergren. With a career in education as a math and science teacher and as a high school principal, Gerry strongly supported students pursuing environmental studies, therefore the Board of Trustees of SLT, on June 8, 2006, formally established the Scholarship Fund.

As per the adopted SLT policy, recipients of the Ivers Scholarship will be residents of Southbury, including those who are studying elsewhere. There is no age requirement or limit. Scholarships may be awarded not only to persons attending college and technical schools, but also to persons taking special courses to advance his or her education, whether such person is actually attending a college or technical school. The SLT Scholarship Committee shall determine the criteria awards shall be based on as well as manage the fund.

Although his presence is forever etched into the woodlands and hillsides of SLT’s preserves, the Ivers Scholarship is an appropriate living memorial to Gerry. To contribute, please contact the SLT office at (203)264-4441.

The list of recipients:

John Ceccolini
Hannah Breakstone
Alexandria Valenti
Brian Mansour
Sara Doble
Roger Williams University
University of Maryland
Bucknell University
University of Rhode Island
Bard College