President’s Letter

TomThank you for visiting our website. We hope it will show you all the good things we do and will encourage you to support us.

The Southbury Land Trust has protected many farms and other “open space” properties around town. Some are protected from development with conservation easements on private properties. Others are owned by the Land Trust. The ones we own are open to the public for hiking and other forms of passive recreation from dawn to dusk. They are posted with our distinctive yellow signs. Please visit and enjoy them!

With your support we will acquire additional lands as we continue to preserve the rural and scenic character of our town.

Since we are a private, non-profit organization and not a town agency, we rely upon annual memberships and contributions from people like you for financial support. As a growing organization, our administrative expenses and property management costs are growing too.

Please take a moment to join us or donate by clicking on the icon below.

Your support is crucial to our success.

Thank you,
Tom Crider, President