About Southbury Land Trust

To preserve farmland, open spaces and other natural resources
for the benefit of present and future residents of Southbury

The mission of the Southbury Land Trust

The Southbury Land Trust, founded in 1978, is a private nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of Southbury’s natural resources for the enjoyment and benefit of all present and future residents.

The trust is supported entirely by memberships and donations and provides an effective means to save the land in its natural state in perpetuity. Each parcel dedicated as open space adds materially to the quality of life for all Southbury residents.

The ridges, wooded hillsides, meadows, wetlands and waterways within the lands protected by the trust not only give Southbury its unique aesthetic character, but also contribute significantly to the diversity of plant and wildlife species found throughout the region.

Saving land preserves the natural beauty and provides a necessary buffer between areas used for housing, stores, offices and other development. Open space not only adds to our quality of life, it increases the values of the nearby properties. It is a measure of our community’s concern for the world in which we live.

Southbury is blessed with the diversity of habitats and a variety of animal species – from eagles to songbirds to fish and frogs. Saving land preserves ecological integrity and enriches our lives.